Must there be a feminist frenzy at Super Bowl time every year?

I'm beginning to wonder if there is a connection between the Super Bowl and heightened feminist frenzy. Last year, it was the Tebows' commercial celebrating life and the gift of children that had feminists all in a lather. This year it revolves around the Susan B. Komen Foundation's decision (and then the retraction of that decision) to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

My wife and I are contributors to the Komen Foundation, and our decision to continue or discontinue contributing will depend on whether the foundation remains true to its mission. We couldn't care less whether or not the foundation directs funding to Planned Parenthood. What we care about is whether the foundation is selecting what its administrators deem to be the most productive methods and outlets to fulfill its mission. If one of those outlets happens to be Planned Parenthood, then good for the foundation and for Planned Parenthood.

One might think that some causes (in this case, the fight against breast cancer) transcend partisan politics. In this case, at least, one would be wrong.

Bob Price, Lutherville

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