Spend on quality, not more papers [Letter]

The Baltimore Sun Media Group is buying up more newspapers ("Sun purchases Annapolis and Carroll papers," May 2). Why? It cannot seem to adequately manage The Baltimore Sun, its premier publication.

After elimination of all competition, Baltimore is left with a third-rate publication that is over-priced, poorly run and apparently devoid of management and editorial staff. As a long-time recipient of home delivery of The Sun, I feel at the mercy of a media mogul group with no regard for its readers or advertisers.

My attempts to report the many missed and erratic deliveries go to a call center in the Far East. Often, sections of the paper are missing or error-ridden. Recent errors include printing of Friday's TV listing on Thursday; crossword puzzle answers for the wrong day; and today, most recently, no LIVE section included in my Friday paper. Where are the editors? These problems add to an already poor excuse for and constantly shrinking publication covering a rehash of yesterday's news.

What a consumer to do, complain to The Sun's advertisers or just give up the print medium as many readers have already done? What sad choices.

Elizabeth H. Lehmann, Phoenix

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