The Sun buries Obama scandals

It looks like this heavily Democratic state's main publication is going to ignore the problems of this administration just like the White House is. What is on the front page of The Sun? is there any mention of Benghazi? The IRS and their illegal actions or the Associated Press being screened? Nothing! Oyster seeding, new technology for blocking cell phones in the prisons and the "sequester" causing the Blue Angels not to appear at the Naval Academy graduation make the front page.

Any mention of the 3 biggest embarrassments to this administration? Oh yes, there is "Obama's a la carte approach" on page 6; however it is by two writers from the Washington Post! Where are the liberal pundits of the Sun, Jules Witcover, Tom Schaller or Dan Rodricks? I guess they are pondering how to put a positive spin on all this. For the first 4 years, we heard how everything was the fault of President George W. Bush. Now it is the fault of nobody, it seems. So much for the most transparent administration.

Craig Garfield, Ellicott City

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