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Disgusted by Sun's Wells Fargo ad

I received the Sept. 25 edition of The Sun and was disgusted to see a full-length ad for Wells Fargo on the front page.

While it's bad enough to turn the front page over to an advertiser, it's even worse to allow a corporation deeply implicated in our community's foreclosure crisis such a prominent forum to whitewash its image.

Adding the words "advertising pullout" in small print doesn't make it OK. Rather than selling the front page to Wells Fargo, a responsible newspaper would be reporting on its activities in the home loan industry. That doesn't seem likely to happen now, does it? Wells Fargo might want its money back.

The Sun has gotten worse and worse in the past several years, with seemingly no concern to improve itself in order to attract new readers. With this latest stunt, it's clear that the newspaper's owners have lost all sense of journalistic responsibility and have given up any pretense of carrying out their obligation to serve as a watchdog for the community.

Their philosophy seems to be, "we know we're dying, now we'll just try to extract all the profits we can out of this thing before we go." I can't support such an enterprise and am canceling my subscription, effective immediately.

D.R. Weiner, Baltimore

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