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Do people know you can recycle polystyrene foam in Baltimore?

I wonder how many people are aware that Baltimore has a polystyrene recycling center at 28th and Sisson streets. I live in Baltimore County and drive in to recycle my Styrofoam or other polystyrene products.

I would be nice if polystyrene had never been invented, but I'm afraid it's here to stay. And stay it will — nearly for infinity ("Container ban put off," June 18)!

Baltimore at one time had a great anti-littering campaign, "Shoot one in the Basket." That would be a wastebasket. The campaign was aimed at school age children to know the importance of not littering.

How hard would it be to reinstate some of the old stop littering campaigns? Our city and its waterways are truly disgustingly filled with litter.

I am always picking up recyclable items, but I'm only one person. I would like to think that somehow more people will understand that you can't leave it up to someone else. It has to start with you!

Peggy Lea Gosnell, Pikesville

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