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BGE workers deserve our thanks

Every once in a while, we get a sharp reminder that mankind is not "in charge" on this planet ("Post-storm swelter," July 2). After the storms of the last few days, a quarter-million people are without power in Maryland alone, with a total of about 3 million along the East Coast. Somehow, every single one of the people think they should be first in line to have their electricity turned back on.

Most of the damage was caused by winds of near-hurricane force knocking down and uprooting trees. These trees must be removed before BGE can reconnect the wires. And just because the trees in front of your house are taken away, that doesn't necessarily mean your power will be restored immediately. The nearest substation is most likely many miles away, with a lot more trees in between.

Don't ask how long BGE expects the power to be out; they have no way of telling, but they are working as quickly as they can, within the limits of safety. The people who work for BGE have been putting in 18 hour days, up a pole, in 100 degree heat, while you sit on your front porch in the shade, gently fanning yourself, and muttering under your breath. Draw some cold water from the tap ( ice is not necessary) get some paper cups, and walk across the street. And don't forget to say thank you for the work they are doing, even if you are not the first person in line.

And by the way, the forecast is for more bad weather.

Dani Rice, Bradshaw

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