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Get a move on: Local speed limits are too low [Letter]

Congratulations to Howard County for trying to figure out sensible speed limits ("Are Howard County's speed limits too low?" Aug. 5).

While it's a shame that the company contracted to study the issue messed up, similar studies should be required throughout the Baltimore area.

I'd also like to congratulate Maryland's law enforcement personnel. Many times a driver I know has driven 65 or 70 mph on Maryland 295, I-95, or Route 100, and he has never been bothered by police or state troopers.

They know what the speed limit authorities should too — that almost all speed limits in the area are 10 to 15 miles per hour too low. The speed limits on Maryland 295 and Route 100 should be 65 or even 70 mph. Even smaller roads such as Route 2 through Brooklyn Park should have a limit of 40 or 45 mph, not the current 35 mph.

Here's hoping that Xerox State & Local Solutions is able to provide a proper report for Howard County and that other jurisdictions follow the county's lead.

Roy Birk, Glen Burnie

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