Since when are drivers who obey the law the dangerous ones?

And now comes a whole new problem: drivers who obey the speed limits cause accidents! That habit, according to the writer from Perry Hall ("Raise the speed limit by 10 mph, then make it stick," Dec. 12), forces other people to change lanes trying to get around them. He goes on further to suggest increasing most speed limits by 10 mph. Of course this would solve the problem — oops, maybe not. Wouldn't he still be "forced to change lanes" because of drivers obeying the speed limits?

Does he really think that doing so will cause everyone to obey that limit? Gosh, maybe if I go 45 mph in what used to be a 35 mph zone, everything will be just fine. The argument is full of holes. Those who obey the speed limits do not cause accidents. It's the lead foots who do the passing, veering from lane to lane, driving like it's a NASCAR race, that cause accidents. And it's drivers like him who feel that speed limits that are set too low (he apparently is able to make that determination while behind the wheel of his vehicle) who will continue to flout the speed laws.

Joel Grove, Glen Arm

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