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The surreal comedy of Baltimore's speed cameras [Letter]

I really wish I was in the speed camera consulting business in Baltimore right now, as I could make a killing ("City takes step toward new speed camera program Feb. 5). Why is this whole speed camera debacle turning into such a surreal comedy? One answer might be that there is such a total disconnect from city government and the people they serve. This seems so evident by all the arrogant proclamations issued by those defending the speed camera program. It is not so much a defense as a "you don't need to know, period."

I think the city will really need to issue an enormous amount of tickets with the new speed camera system in order to pay off all the consultants. They will also need to hire a public relations firm that is savvy enough to tell them that in the middle of a City Council inquiry into the covering-up of the results of a previous speed camera audit (URS Corp), you don't go out and hire yet another consulting firm.

Isn't this why we love Baltimore? Only Baltimore can compete with Bizarro World and produce such geniuses as John Waters and this city government!

Christopher Winslow, Baltimore

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