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City speeding tickets should be refunded [Letter]

I got a ticket from a Baltimore speed camera for going 12 miles per hour over the limit, and with all the problems with the system, I should get my money back ("Mayor pledges new speed camera system," Dec. 19).

I have had my driver's license for 50 years now and drove for the Maryland Transit Administration back in the 1970s. Back then, they made professional drivers of us. I am retired and work part-time for Woodlawn Motor Coach and got a ticket while doing a charter for them.

The bus I was driving had about 225,000 miles on it, so I think maybe the speedometer might be off a little bit. Woodlawn paid the ticket to keep the bus on the street and then took it out of my pay. I had no recourse.

Since the camera system was halted, I should get my money back. I have had one — that is just one — speeding ticket in my life and zero — that is zero — violations on my record. I drive professionally all the time and deserve my money back.

Joe Heldmann, Catonsville

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