Let's put speed cameras to a vote

This whole speed camera issue has become such a big mess and I never remember being asked if I, as a Baltimore resident, ever wanted the cameras in the first place ("Penalty pitched for bad tickets," Dec. 11). Who are these people in city government representing? Not me, and apparently not the vast percentage of those responding to The Sun polls who think this whole safety ploy is just a cover for topping the city coffers.

Where do the millions of dollars generated by the speed cameras go anyway? I will bet that if this issue were ever put to a city or even a statewide vote, it would fail miserably. Safety has long been the battle cry of those in power to add more laws and to dig deeper into our pockets, but shouldn't the residents of this fine state be the ones to decide if we want to solve the problem in other ways than what appears to be no more than a con game?

Is it possible that the cameras are having the reverse effect on drivers? If someone is late for work and knows where all the speed cameras are along the way, wouldn't that person be inclined to slow down for the cameras but speed between them in order to make up the lost time?

Christopher Winslow, Baltimore

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