Speed cameras save lives

As traffic engineers and planners, we have examined both sides of the speed camera issue. But as your editorial on speed cameras in Maryland rightly concludes, the evidence is overwhelming that speed cameras reduce accidents ("The purpose of speed cameras," Dec. 27).

That fact is inescapable, as evidenced by recent studies published in both Injury Prevention magazine and World Highways magazine. And it's worth reiterating: Citations are only issued if you exceed the posted speed limit by 12 miles per hour or more.

Set up only in construction and school zones, Maryland speed cameras have proven effective in reducing speeds in both of those areas. Drivers may slow down because they don't want to receive a $40 ticket in the mail, but in doing so they have more time to react to other vehicles, children crossing the street or construction workers.

The bottom line is that driving more slowly means safer streets and fewer accidents. When used properly, speed cameras are a simple way to reduce accidents and save lives. Isn't that in the best interests of everyone?

Wes Guckert, White Marsh

The writer is president of The Traffic Group, a traffic engineering and transportation planning firm.

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