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Don't blame speed cameras for catching speeders

Will a state or city leader with a clear set of well-considered priorities please stand up? Jill Carter and Carl Stokes are at it again ("Speed cameras yield $19.2 million," Sept. 12). I can't keep up with all the issues they keep raising.

Let me tell you, Mr. Stokes, that I wish there were more cameras around Baltimore City. Seton Hill has tried for years to get the city to slow the traffic on Druid Hill Avenue, but the city refuses to help, ironically citing the need for first responders to get through the area quickly. Who needs the Grand Prix when drivers fly through Mt. Vernon and Seton Hill at 40-50 mph trying to beat the horribly long lights?

Since we have so few rail options, the money should go to improving the streets that the MTA buses destroy as well as improving our traffic signal system.

Please also consider, Ms. Carter, that thousands of new residents have moved downtown in the past decade, and the city has done nothing to make our streets safer. They've only paved them so that people who work for the city can fly back to the county where they live. This is a true quality of life issue. As for the little old ladies or soccer moms who speed, I say charge 'em all!

Kevin-Douglas G. Olive, Baltimore

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