Funny things happen on the way to the forum

Regarding your recent article about Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch holding "closed door meetings" on the possibility of convening a special session on gambling, this is a good example of bad politicians becoming even worse ("House leaders discuss gambling in closed meeting," July 3).

Lawmakers couldn't figure out how to raise taxes or handle the curveball of a last-minute gambling issue during the regular General Assembly session, so the governor came to their aid by saying he would call two special sessions of the legislature to deal with these Issues.

Once the first special session ended with a tax hike, the deal was to "test the waters" for a second special session by appointing a hand-picked committee to study the gambling issue and recommend whether to call lawmakers back to Annapolis yet again.

This is where I get confused. The committee's decision was split, meaning the proposed second special session is off — or is it still on?

Moreover, the real question is what is the cost of all these special sessions? I have asked this question of several lawmakers but so have gotten no answers.

When politics get this bad, it becomes almost comical, and that is what we see playing out here. Where is KAL when we need him? And where is the outrage among the press over allowing this farce to continue?

Raymond D. Bahr, Baltimore

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