Strong as steel but fading

As one of the last 2,000 employees of the steel mill at Sparrows Point, I have been reading with interest The Sun's reporting of the steel plant's demise. Included in the last article was mention of a faded sign proclaiming "America — Strong as Steel" ("Sparrows Point auction brings hundreds to buy," Jan. 24). After the 9-11 tragedy, I was asked by my superintendent to paint a symbolic and patriotic sign.

Before the sign was placed at the plant entrance, it was the backdrop for a steelworker's rally at our union hall and at the national "Stand Up for Steel" rally in Washington, D.C. Now, years later, the sign is again symbolic — of the destruction of steelmaking at Sparrows Point and 2,000 faded steelworkers.

Donald V. Castronova, Jarrettsville

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