An easy 'fix' for Social Security

Mark Miller's recent article on Social Security provides much important information about the program ("Saving Social Security," Sept. 23).

Mr. Miller even presents an interesting "fix" expressed by Stephen Gross, the chief actuary of Social Security. However, what was not presented — and has not been widely proposed — is the simplest way to preserve the integrity of the Social Security program: Increasing the maximum amount of an employee's income that is "taxed."

Many articles in The Sun have reported on the increasing number of people who earn incomes far in excess of $100,000. These people stop paying into the Social Security Trust Fund on annual earnings that exceed $100,000.

If employees earning more than $100,000 per year paid 6.2 percent on their total incomes (or even on $250,000 per year), the amount of money in the Social Security Trust Fund would soar to amounts far exceeding the benefits paid.

Stan Levin, Owings Mills

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