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Don't go easy on Snowden [Letter]

There are various opinions about Edward Snowden, and I feel a need to add mine to the mix ("Snowden has more U.S.-Israel secrets to expose: Greenwald," Jan. 6). Mr. Snowden has violated U.S. laws and needs to be punished, the question is how — death penalty or imprisonment — and if the latter, for how long?

To make the public aware of unclassified information makes him a whistle blower, but to publicize classified information makes him a spy. And then to run and hide in Russia shows that he was completely aware of the damage he has done to aspects of our national security. A very long term in one of our federal prisons is my recommendation, as the death penalty would be too good for him.

It also disheartens me to hear that members of Congress feel that he should receive a light to moderate prison term. I would be willing to bet that those who share that opinion have not served their country in a combat zone.

Bob Eberwein, Middle River

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