Many questions about Snowden

Regarding the elusive Edward Snowden and his recent activities which may be illegal and/or criminal (and certainly damaging to America), I have some questions ("Snowden stays put in Moscow," June 25).

Did Mr. Snowden buy a one-way ticket to Hong Kong? Before he left, did he clean out his bank account? Did he give his car to his favorite nephew? Did he have a lease on his apartment or house, and, if so, did he terminate the lease? Wasn't there some restriction on the amount of data and computerized information to which he had access, or did he have carte blanch on anything stored in National Security Agency?

Instead of the NSA improperly spying on law-abiding tax-paying citizens, why didn't the NSA pay more attention to the activities of its own employees (and those of its contractors) and why didn't "alarm bells" go off when those activities were so unusual or suspicious?

One more thing: He was a salaried contract employee assigned to the NSA. He raked in $116,000 a year. Not too shabby at all — especially for a high school drop-out. Maybe, benefits too. Wow! And his employer, the NSA contractor, likely got total reimbursement of his salary and benefits. Plus, a likely add-on, as a percentage of his salary and benefits to cover administrative overhead. And maybe a percentage of everything as profit for the contractor. All around, nice work if you can get it. How many more potential "Snowdens" and their contractors are employed by NSA and who keeps tabs on them?

Leonard Bloom, Owings Mills

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