Getting up early is part of what teens learn in high school

Your editorial urging a later start to the high school day because teenagers can't get up for unexplained reasons was almost persuasive ("Sleepy teens," Oct. 3).

Obviously we must accommodate the children so that the system works for them. But maybe we have also forgotten that our educational system is supposed to be preparing students for the world of work.

To my knowledge employers across the country have start and stop times, and when hiring they inform prospective employees this important information. I don't believe that they say "what time of day would you like to stroll in?"

I believe what you are missing is parental input. You use the word parent, which is both a noun and a verb, only once. Why didn't your editorial put more onus on the parents? Shouldn't there be a districtwide effort to involve parents in getting their children up in the morning?

You conclude by suggesting Maryland should be seriously exploring later high school start times as part of its school reform effort. Maybe you should just put a big sign on the school wall saying "If you're here before it's over, you're on time!"

Roland Moskal

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