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When signals are out, just drive defensively

In reference to The Sun's editorial ("Mixed signals," Sept. 1), it is my opinion that Maryland does not need a law about non-functioning traffic lights. Hawaii is loaded with intersections that are four-way stops with no traffic signal lights and some of these intersections are very busy. Hawaii drivers have no issues with these intersections without traffic signal lights. Visitors to Hawaii who drive catch on very quickly.

Maryland's driver's handbook points out that driving has four main parts — looking and seeing, thinking and deciding, letting others know what you are going to do and doing it.

As the handbook states, you look with your eyes but you see with your mind. Keeping an alert mind to what is going on around you will prepare you for the important decisions you must make. After seeing what is important, you must decide what to do on the basis of the least risk. Then you must let drivers and pedestrians on the road know what you are going to do through hand signals, headlights, brake lights and the position of your vehicle. Finally, you put it all together using all your driving experience and skill.

Defensive driving is the best policy or law. As I get older I always look at driving with this thought in mind: what little comfort it would be to be laying in my grave contemplating how I had the right of way but made the wrong decision that put me there.

Junior Henemyre, Havre de Grace

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