Next time, shut down government for real

Well, they did it: Our elected officials managed to avoid completely destroying our already fragile economy as well as our leadership position in the world ("Congress approves deal on shutdown, debt," Oct. 16).

Blame who you want because both sides are pretty pathetic. Their "compromise" pushes the hard work down the road again and puts critical consumer holiday spending in limbo.

I have a suggestion when they consider shutting down the government again next year. Let's really shut it down — all of it. Let's send all of the air traffic controllers and TSA agents home, close Social Security offices, stop monthly benefit payments to Medicare providers — everything.

In other words, make it real, not just an inconvenience associated with closing national monuments and parks. That could lead to real discussions and compromises.

Lawmakers should use the legislative process as intended. Let's get some real experience and data on the major provisions of Obamacare as it rolls out. Then fix the things that need fixing.

Sound too complicated? I don't think so, because it has worked for more than 200 years.

Fred Ludwig, Marriottsville

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