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Democracy's wrecking ball

Let's set something straight. There is a law, the Affordable Care Act, that was passed by both houses of Congress, signed by the president and vetted by the Supreme Court. That's all three branches of government.

What House Speaker John Boehner is attempting is unconstitutional ("Obama blames Boehner for 'reckless' shutdown," Oct. 3). If he wants to change the law, the Republicans need to win the White House and the Congress, then pass a law that amends or abolishes the present law. That's the process spelled out in our Constitution.

It's a complete misrepresentation to say that President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are somehow supposed to bargain with Mr. Boehner. To do so would bargain away the very foundation of our government. It would set a precedent that any time a political minority wants to change a law they could use similar tactics to override the results of an election they didn't agree with.

The Republicans' tactics are a wrecking ball for our democracy.

Bryce Butler, Baltimore

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