An incurable epidemic of violence [Letter]

There is an incurable disease infecting this country, and its name is "violence" ("Six people shot, three fatally, in city over holiday weekend," May 27).

Yet the majority of the American public seems to have taken a protective vaccine for immunity called "business as usual." This enables us to turn a deaf ear to the media and pursue our lives with a coat of armor.

The horror of Newtown repeats itself daily. Now we are immune. Our mayors mouth answers for the public — "even one is too many," they say, and "there were fewer shootings this year than last" — but we have become immune to anger and immune to action. We are unable to say "enough is enough!'

Do we really want history to record our era as "the Wildest West?" Wilder than any other country in the world? It looks like we have taken the vaccine to immunize ourselves against taking charge of this outrage. If not now, when will enough be enough?

Barbara Katz

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