Parents deserve share of blame for killings [Letter]

Here we go again, blaming everyone but the family. Maybe family members called the sheriff's department "expressing concern about the young man's health," but it's not the job of the sheriff's job to act in loco parentis ("U.C. Santa Barbara begins 'day of mourning' for shooting victims," May 27).

Why don't people pay attention today? This sick kid had a therapist, posted crazy stuff on YouTube (no doubt elsewhere) and clearly seethed with hatred. Didn't anyone, anywhere notice he was dangerous? Didn't a family member find out he had a gun?

Nancy Lanza also closed her eyes, and the massacre at Sandy Hook took place. A family in Columbine never noticed their kid's untoward behavior. Quite a few people in Boston failed to question strange happenings prior to last year's Boston Marathon. The list goes on and on.

It's time families, friends, neighbors — even passersby — get out of their personal bubbles, turn off the cell phones and other electronic junk and pay some attention to what's going on around them. Beautiful lives are being snuffed out by monstrous people. It has to stop. But don't expect the sheriff to do the job. Don't blame the NRA. Blame yourselves!

Rose Ellis, Baltimore

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