Sheppard Pratt's Ruxton plan shows fault of federal law

The editorial about Sheppard Pratt's plans to put a rehab home in Ruxton shows The Sun doesn't get it ("Discrimination in Ruxton," April 25). This is not about mental health at all. It is about a greedy corporate giant imposing it's will on a community while hiding behind a federal statute (that was in no way intended to allow an entity to circumvent and usurp decades of well thought out zoning laws as is happening here).

I now understand that neighboring Roland Park, Homeland and Guilford are entering the fight, as well they should. They could be next.

Are you listening, Rep. John Sarbanes, Sen. Benjamin Cardin and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, this law should be changed! It also tramples all over the First Amendment.

To call Ruxton elite shows ignorance of the economic makeup of the neighborhood. Yes, it has multi-million dollar homes but it also has Section 8 housing and everything in between. What it does not have is a high-priced hotel, and hopefully it never will!

Who are the real elite here? The community or those individuals willing to spend $360,000 for a 6-month stay at this facility? Those are privately funded, after-tax dollars by the way. I don't know anyone in Ruxton who could afford to stay there, save for a very few.

Hopefully the many demonstrations, signs and lawsuits will stop this ill-fated folly. The easiest way to stop all this nonsense, of course, is to hit them where it hurts, in their fundraising. What a shame that all this time, money and energy is being wasted on attacking this institution when it should go toward helping it. The choice belongs to Sheppard Pratt.

Leigh Brent, Ruxton

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