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Maryland needs leaders to approve a responsible budget

Budgets and BudgetingMaryland General Assembly

The true reflection of the quality of leaders comes from their ability to lead when things don't go well or according to plan. Even with immense responsibility, it's much easier to lead when things go well. Effective leaders are those who during times of difficulty take actions true to their beliefs and not merely for political gain. On April 9, the Maryland General Assembly session did not end well or go according to plan. The state budget did not pass both chambers, hence the "doomsday" budget that some are describing as disastrous while others claim is not so bad.

If Marylanders value educating our citizens and future leaders through high quality K-12 public education for all students, the importance of affordability for those attending community colleges or four-year institutions, the safety and security of their communities, and the investment in the future economic development through research and incentives to secure the qualities of life all desire, then the "doomsday" budget is, indeed, a disaster.

Gov.Martin O'Malleyhas called for a special session of the state legislature commencing on May 14. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House SpeakerMichael E. Buschare working with Governor O'Malley to ensure a focused and purposeful meeting that restores the state budget to address these priorities to ensure the qualities that maintain Maryland's uniqueness.

Leadership is not always as efficient as we might like, but I'll take leadership over politics every time.

Carl D. Roberts, Perryville

The writer is executive director of the Public School Superintendents' Association of Maryland.

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Budgets and BudgetingMaryland General Assembly
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