Avoid sequester by passing Simpson-Bowles

Sen. Ben Cardin accurately described the danger of the sequester's "meat-ax approach" to debt reduction and the fatigue of the American people with budget showdowns that do little more than kick the can down the road. ("No to sequestration," Feb. 20).

But in the final analysis, Senator Cardin's article is more of the same — one politician's vision, among many others, of what a fair and comprehensive deficit reduction plan should be.

What is missing is a commitment to a specific plan of revenue increases and spending cuts. Mr. Cardin should endorse the responsible deficit reduction plan that is already on the table: Simpson-Bowles.

That plan, which includes specific steps to get the deficit under control, is not perfect. But it has bipartisan support and we should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I hope Mr. Cardin will get on board with the Simpson-Bowles plan so that the nation can move beyond this tiresome political posturing over deficit reduction.

Francis J. Gorman

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