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Rodricks' 9/11 commentary is sickening

Dan Rodricks' column published on America's saddest day of mourning for the nearly 3,000 American citizens murdered by terrorists has sickened me ("9/11 and the deaths of others: America's legacy of civilian casualties," Sept. 11).

How dare he ask us to remember and mourn for the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan on the very anniversary of our tragic loss? As I recall very clearly, the citizens of those countries were dancing in the streets and burning our flag in celebration.

I am a proud mother-in-law of a young man who is presently serving in Afghanistan as a flight engineer on a Chinook helicopter with the 101st Airborne working 14 hour days. This is his fifth deployment (two years in Iraq and three years in Afghanistan). How many of our best and bravest have we lost trying to help the people of those countries? Think about that question, Mr. Rodricks, and think again of how safe we have been because of our heroes protecting us in those foreign lands.

Jane Wagner, Berlin

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