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Thanks for helping seniors enjoy Santa [Letter]

Thank you to Susan Reimer of The Baltimore Sun and all her amazingly generous readers who responded to Susan's request to support Home Instead Senior Care's "Be A Santa to a Senior" ("It is time to be a Santa to a Senior," Dec. 18). This was the program's 10th year, and we far exceeded our expectations because of the local community.

Home Instead Senior Care receives names from the local offices on aging of seniors in need, and from that list Home Instead reaches out to the community for support and donations through Santa trees and financial contributions which are then turned into the items requested or gift cards. This year because of Ms. Reimer and her readers, we were able to help 1,100 seniors!

Thank you to the great people of our community who sent in checks ranging anywhere from $10 to $300. Thank you for bringing smiles to the faces of our seniors this holiday season. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping us make this program such a huge success and for bringing joy to so many.

I was truly overwhelmed by the quick response of the community. It brought me great joy to be a part of this program knowing that we were able to help so many. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Pamela Urnowey, Arnold

The writer is marketing manager for Home Instead Senior Care.

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