#SendFarleybackandkeepthekids [Letter]

In reading Jonathan David Farley's hateful and factually inaccurate piece ("#Sendthemback," July 23), it occurs to me that it is clear who ought to be sent back. Not the children. Send Mr. Farley back.

As a child of immigrants who is taking full advantage of the privileges of being an American — from free speech that allows Mr. Farley to be a hypocritical hateful boor with impunity to being a recipient and beneficiary of higher education — he should be the one advocating for change in immigration policies that would benefit these poor children. He could be a valid voice for positive change.

Imagine if someone had just sent him back when his immigrants parents arrived here and promptly had what he calls an "anchor baby." He is that anchor baby. And what about his parents? According to him, they should be sent back also in the interests of family unity, regardless of the danger in returning to a country that might want them, and him, dead.

But here he is hating those just like him. Perhaps that is what he hates. We are better off sending him back.

Jeanette Nazarian

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