What can Hopkins teach the Secret Service?

What a delight it was to read that Secret Service agents will be receiving ethics training from the Johns Hopkins University ("Secret Service to receive ethics training at Hopkins," April 30). I knew Hopkins was strong in the fields of science and medicine, but I had no idea their expertise extended to avoiding excessive drinking and consorting with prostitutes while on duty overseas. I'm sure the Hop's pious Quaker founder would be proud to know that the men charged with protecting the president of the United States will now be schooled in the fine art of avoiding acts that even a four year old knows are wrong. Perhaps while the agents are in town they can take in a lacrosse game at Homewood Field, where they can gaze upon the nearly-completed Cordish Lacrosse Center, built with slot machine dollars. Yes, thank heavens for Hopkins ethics.

D.R. Longway, Towson

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