Seagram's owner must be held accountable [Letter]

John Vontran says he bears no responsibility for the latest death in the abandoned Seagram's plant of which he is part owner ("Man falls to death in former Seagram's plant in Dundalk," Jan. 3). Sorry to tell Mr. Vontran this, but he does bear some of the responsibility for this latest tragedy. Sollers Investors LLC is maintaining a nuisance, albeit on private property. As stated in Baltimore County Code Article 13 Public Health, Safety, and the Environment, Title 7 Nuisances, Subsection 13-7-112: "An owner may not create or allow to exist on the owner's property a nuisance determined by the County Health be detrimental to public health, safety, or welfare...."

All that is needed is for one of the fed-up neighbors to call the Baltimore County Department of Health and report it. Under subsection 13-7-113, the county can issue a notice requiring the owners to abate the nuisance. If the owner doesn't abate the nuisance, the county, under subsection 13-7-115, can abate it and add the cost of abatement to the owners' tax bill.

Problem solved — if the county follows through on any complaints.

Michael Calo, Glen Burnie

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