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Southern Baptists love the Scouts, unless they happen to be gay

As I read the article about the Southern Baptists' position on gay scouts I couldn't help thinking about the wonderful song from the musical South Pacific entitled "You Have to be Taught to Hate" ("Southern Baptists condemn Boy Scouts policy on gays," June 13).

At their recent convention the Southern Baptists voted "overwhelmingly to voice opposition to the Boy Scouts of America's decision to admit gay members." The pastor at the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Newport News, Va., said he felt the Scouts were moving away from the principles upon which they were founded.

I don't recall reading anywhere that one of the principles that young Scouts are taught is that gays are unacceptable human beings. So what principles is the pastor referring to?

The Southern Baptists' resolution also affirmed "our love in Christ for all young people regardless of their perceived sexual orientation" as part of their declaration. However, according to the pastor at Tabernacle Baptist, it seems that love stops if you try to join the Boy Scouts of America.

Barbara Blumberg, Baltimore

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