A punishment that fits the crime: Sentence Schurick to register African-American voters

Paul Schurick was recently found guilty for election fraud, but this is not the first time such activities have occurred in Maryland elections, and, unfortunately, it's probably not the last ("Schurick guilty of election fraud in robocall case," Dec. 6).

What is a fair sentence, one that respects both the franchise rights of voters and discourages such activities from taking place again?

Some have suggested Mr. Schurick will be sentenced to a suspended jail term and put on probation. But there does not appear to be much justice in that outcome.

A more just approach to this situation would be a sentence that respects the sacrifices made by countless people who have fought and died in order to guarantee our right to free and fair elections. How about sentencing Mr. Schurick to register 5,000 new minority voters?

Stanley J. Milesky, Severna Park

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