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Shame on Sun for trying to influence robocall jury

The editors of The Sun clearly would love nothing more than to see any Republican Party officeholder be cast in the light of disgrace, and to have Paul Schurick, longtime aide to former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., convicted of criminal wrongdoing would surely suit you just fine. But as Mr. Schurick's trial neared its conclusion, you apparently felt uneasy about a conviction. With the case to go to the jury on Monday, you clearly attempted to improperly influence the jury and published an online editorial on Friday declaring him guilty of criminal conduct involving "political dirty tricks" ("Schurick trial: Mandel as a character witness?" Dec. 2).

What should happen now following your completely inexcusable attempts to sway this jury is a mistrial and a criminal investigation of The Sun's editors. Your blatant attempt at improper influence, which may very well succeed, is far more egregious than the acts for which Mr. Schurick is charged.

J. Shawn Alcarese, Towson

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