The Sun's anti-Hogan bias

Why ignore Marylanders who want a longer summer school break?

In the recent article by Liz Bowie and Carrie Wells on the school calendar issue and Gov. Larry Hogan's tightening of his waiver policy, it is hard not to notice the great imbalance between pro and con sources quoted ("Hogan issues second Labor Day executive order," Oct. 11).

Noted as against Governor Hogan were a combination of legislators and education organizations as well as views from the attorney general's office suggesting Mr. Hogan lacked authority to set calendar limits. Quoted as in favor of the waiver tightening was Mr. Hogan's spokesman!

Why do the authors present the issue as if the only one in favor is Governor Hogan himself? What about teachers, parents and students who want the longer summer for many reasons including participating in and enjoying the Maryland State Fair that runs through Labor Day?

Bill Ritzel, Forest Hill

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