Developers should pitch in rebuilding Baltimore schools

Your recent article "Billions needed to fix schools" (June 27) called to mind a recent editorial about the commitment businessmen Kevin Plank and Steve Bisciotti have made to improving facilities and enriching recreational and athletic opportunities for Baltimore City schoolchildren ("Protecting Baltimore's house," June 11). This is a perfect example of local businesses "giving back" to the community that supports them.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if local developers, some of whom have made enormous fortunes in Baltimore City, followed the example of Mr. Plank and Mr. Bisciotti in their commitment to help repair and renovate city school buildings?

These developers, many of whom have received huge tax breaks and other advantages for projects in Baltimore City, could jump start the push to bring city school buildings up to acceptable standards by donating construction personnel, offering to do needed work at cost and making significant financial contributions to the city that has helped them prosper.

This would obviously require planning and there are many issues to consider, but it's time for some of these individuals whose wealth is based on developing and building in Baltimore to lend a hand in helping bring school buildings up to the level Baltimore City school children deserve.

Lisa Pintzuk

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