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Obama's scandal-filled term

Hillary ClintonBarack ObamaSusan Rice

While Joe Biden may benefit from the less than diplomatic handling of the Benghazi tragedy by Hillary Clinton, possibly making him the front runner for the Democratic nominee for president in 2016 ("Could Biden benefit from Clinton's handling of Benghazi?" May 14), the main winner is the Republican Party. The Benghazi gaffe by all concerned, including President Barack Obama, Ms. Clinton and Susan Rice, has scandalized the American public.

At the same time, further evidence of incompetence at many levels of the Obama administration has become obvious with the effort, purportedly unknown to the administration, to deny tax-exempt status to organizations that are critical of the administration. And now there's the unwarranted taking of phone records of AP correspondents. How many other incidents have to occur to demonstrate the inadequacy and perhaps criminal actions of the administration before the American public and electorate say enough is enough?

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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Hillary ClintonBarack ObamaSusan Rice