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Sausages and sniping

Why such a fuss about processed meat?

I enjoyed the recent article by Suzanne Loudermilk regarding Manger's half-smoke sausages that are so popular in Washington, D.C. ("DC's signature half-smoke sausage is made by a West Baltimore meat processor," Oct. 18). It was interesting and informative.

However, near the end of the article, seemingly from out of nowhere, was the insertion of a condescending comment from a competitor: "They're good for hors d'oeuvres and tailgating [but] I would not feed them to my family," the production manager at Roma Gourmet Sausage is quoted as saying. I thought this uncalled for and completely out of place in an article of this nature.

It just seemed odd for such a well-written piece. And by the way, I have no connection to Manger Packing Corp. or Roma Gourmet Sausage, nor have I consumed any of their products.

John Amrhein, Timonium

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