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Sandy Hook shows America is broken

What a perverse country we live in. We spend $2 billion on an election where people in this country actually think we are better off with a huge percentage of our population not having health care. Mental health issues are swept under the rug and underfunded and people who make over a million dollars a year in income assert they cannot afford to pay higher taxes. We argue whether or not gay marriage is acceptable and people spend millions still arguing where our president was born — not to mention the plethora of social and religious issues that rip our nation apart and waste our collective time and energy while therealissues that cripple our great country are never discussed due to a fear that campaign donors' checkbooks will close.

America needs immediately the most significant and substantive campaign finance reform ever in order to finally have the discussions this country needs to have. One of the top three discussions we need so badly to have is about legislating serious and significant bullet and ammunition control laws on the national and state level. If we cannot or are unwilling to stop gun proliferation, we should seriously restrict bullet and ammunition sales. There is no reason one should be able to purchase and amass a cache of ammunition for military-style weapons, period. Bullets should cost upward of $500 each for assault rifles and handguns of the military genre, and they should have to register each bullet. I do believe hunters should be able to buy ammo, as they have been as it isn't deer and fowl guns being used in these heinous crimes.

What happened in Sandy Hook is bigger than just gun and ammunition control as somehow somebody actually planned the killing of young, precious, innocent children. To think last year in Maryland we were unable to buy wine via online sales but one could buy thousands of rounds of military-style ammunition online speaks volumes. If there ever was a time America should look in the collective mirror of our soul and decide enough is enough, this is the day and time.

Republican or Democrat, Jew or Christian, straight or gay, white or black, or whether your love or hate President Barack Obama, it wasn't just Mr. Obama shedding tears over this tragedy; it was America crying for help. It was Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Uncle Sam weeping because America is broken.

Eric Benzer, Baltimore

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