Undeniable signs of elitism among Ruxton NIMBYs

Contrary to Christopher A. Pistell's protestations, ("Sun mischaracterizes Ruxton rehab house issue," April 26) he and those whose views he claims to represent are indeed elitist, even if the patients he and his neighbors fear and reject might turn out to be some of their own.

They have bought into the idea that all mental patients are ax-murderers, and even well-bred and well-to-do persons with mental illness need to be warehoused, but where? Anywhere but in a well-to-do neighborhood.

How about Pigtown? (No offense intended, Pigtown neighbors). Wouldn't that cause a Ruxton born-and-bred patient great therapeutic benefit, to be housed in a facility that he or she would be terrified to walk out of for a neighborhood stroll? So where else?

To Mr. Pistell and to everyone else with a knee-jerk NIMBY reaction, the answer is "anywhere else but here." Sorry, sir, but you are an elitist.

Thad Paulhamus, Baltimore

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