Maryland correct to protect voter information

What is with Rep. Andy Harris suggesting that the Trump administration withhold money from Maryland if state officials don't comply with their request for voter information (“State denies Trump request,” July 4)? The only thing this will do is hurt the people and the state that he is supposed to look out for. Also, why is he suggesting that the Democrats are worried about voter fraud? I'm sure if this statement is true, there are plenty of Republicans that are also worried.

Another thing, doesn't the congressman realize that just because you are registered with one party, the only time you have to vote for that party is in the primaries? You can vote for whoever you want in the general elections. If Mr. Harris' statement that most of the information requested is publicly available, why is the Trump administration not using that? I completely support the Maryland election officials’ decision to deny the request from the Trump administration. It was the right thing to do.

Linda Goeller, Middle River

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