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Less name-calling, please

I was disheartened by The Sun's choice of words in creating the subhead for Jules Witcover's recent commentary ("Trump takes on Schumer," Nov. 7): "No line of attack is too low for our vile president." Mr. Witcover uses the word "vile" in his first sentence to describe the terrible events that President Donald Trump manipulates to score political points. But then pulling the adjective "vile" into the subhead to describe the president himself comes across as being nasty and vindictive.

I am a vehement Trump resister, sick about the tidal wave of sadness that flows from violent acts and hateful speech. At a time like this, complaining about words may seem petty, but words do matter. And the words used by my newspaper's editorial staff matter to me. Please don't add to the name-calling.

Diane Mountain. Baltimore

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