As a scouting parent, I was horrified by Trump's speech

I write in response to televised coverage of the current incumbent's speech and to your editorial (“Trump’s erratic behavior not just a ‘message’ problem,” July 25) that included a photo of part of the assembled National Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America. Our son is an Eagle Scout and was awarded the Order of the Arrow. My husband is an Eagle Scout, participated in Jamborees, and still wears his belt commemorating attendance at the national Philmont Camp in New Mexico. Our son’s grandfather was an Eagle Scout, Scout Master, builder of a Scout camp and was awarded the Order of the Beaver. His great-grandfather founded a Scout troop.

I am horrified by the spectacle of an egomaniac spewing his message of self-aggrandizement and hate-attitudes antithetical to the selfless service and honor creeds of scouting to an audience of teenage boys. This was a captive audience that appeared to rival the attendance at President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Just think what sort of person puts his insatiable need for personal validation of his inappropriate behavior ahead of a presidential opportunity to inspire the best in our future leaders!

Straight arrows, set your sons and daughters straight!

Diana C. Schramm, Baltimore

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