We still need to see Trump's tax returns

There should be no tax cuts for "the rich" until the president releases his tax returns (“Trump, GOP outline proposal to lower, simplify taxes,” Sept. 27). He should release not only one or two tax years but should release all open tax years because of his ability to manipulate income and/or expenses across tax years. The 25 percent tax rate applies to married couples whose taxable income is approximately $75,000. Thus we can agree, for these purposes, that the definition for "the rich" to be married couples whose income is at least double that — or over $150,000.

The president talks about the tax program as being "massive "and "beautiful.” Let's see how beautiful it is for him first. And, finally, let's see all the details and let's have them hashed out through regular order in Congress. No more one-party rule in our democracy.

Ted Zamerski, Bel Air

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