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Have The Sun's editors been hitting the eggnog again?

I’ve chuckled at some of the highly politicized editorials/cartoons in The Sun, but this one takes the proverbial fruitcake. In your analysis of Sinclair granting $1,000 bonuses to employees in the aftermath of the Republican tax bill, you quote some “expert” at the consumer advocacy group, Free Press, as saying the actions are “attempting to further bias staff to support the Trump agenda.”


Maybe there are some hard working folks at Sinclair and other firms who really appreciate the extra money to provide for their families, pay for Christmas gifts, save for college — or a host of other things. The fact that you would even quote garbage like this is an insult to hard working Americans trying to support their families and irresponsible journalism at its worst. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Sun. What happened to our hometown paper?

James Edrington

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