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'Good guys with guns' are not the answer

President Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association not withstanding, the widespread prevalence of guns in the hands of our "good" citizenry doesn't seem to be doing much to dissuade would be mass murderers from shooting up our churches, schools, concert halls or movie theaters (“Texas church shooter checked each aisle, shot babies at point-blank range,” Nov. 7). As we console our mourners and pray for God's comfort again and again, we continue to do nothing of substance to rein in our limitless cravings for faster, more powerful, more numerous weapons.

And in Baltimore, our "Ceasefire" days seem equally ineffective in reducing the number of homicides in our city. It only teaches the citizens of our city that murder will not be tolerated here on certain days.

We've got to do better. We need more police, better police, with higher base pay and less overtime. We need judges who are not so quick to forgive criminal behavior. And we need a proactive population that will cooperate with law enforcement.

Daniel J. Pearl

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