The Trump presidency: What is it costing us?

When Donald Trump won the election, a few friends knowing I was worried about Mr. Trump’s behavior and hate speech said, “Look, no matter what he does, after he leaves, the presidency will still be there, the White House will still be there, Congress will still be there and our country will still be there.” We have a president trying to push out cabinet members, who has decimated the EPA and the State Department, who honestly believes that the Justice Department should be loyal only to him, who demonstrated his ignorance and arrogance about how government works and who lives in a fantasy world (“Trump’s erratic behavior not just a ‘message’ problem,” July 25).

It may be true our country will still be here, but in what condition and how many people will be hurt and how many values will be sacrificed and at what cost?

Linda Schulte, Selbyville, Del.

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