UB's Schmoke must admit he made a mistake

I'm sure the protest movement at University of Baltimore will appreciate The Baltimore Sun's editorial board standing with the principles driving our dissent, even if you believe our preference to rescind Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' invitation is inappropriate (“DeVos’ lesson for UB,” Sept. 15). While I believe it is important for the UB community that the protest movement not let up or concede defeat, I admittedly cannot imagine what sort of pressure would be necessary to persuade UB President Kurt Schmoke to reverse course at this point.

Despite his characterization as a man who is cautious, analytical and keen to the facts on the ground, his foolish, hubristic, unilateral choice has created a no-win situation for UB. Either he follows through and continues to divide our community while possibly incurring enrollment, retention and fundraising losses, or he rescinds and risks the wrath of an administration proven to be vindictive and retaliatory with no guarantee that he will restore confidence from the community under his stewardship.

With UB's credibility as an institution that pursues justice and equity on the line, I know the choice I would make, but I also know there are no painless options at this point. Tactically, he probably cannot apologize now, but I hope shortly after this is over Mr. Schmoke admits his fault in creating this miserable situation and acts to earn forgiveness from the community he is supposed to represent and lead.

Christopher Warman, Baltimore

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