People of color are coddled

On its front page on Monday, The Sun published a photo of a number of Ravens players kneeling down during the playing of our national anthem (“Ravens national anthem protest — first in a series in NFL — draws praise, anger from fans,” Sept. 24).

Why? Apparently it was the players' way of demonstrating against alleged racial inequality in America.

I agree with them. There is racial inequality in America.

People of color (black people and brown people, for example) are coddled and catered to in many ways seldom afforded white Americans.

However, to address the Ravens' players' grievances, I checked some posts on the Internet regarding the huge difference between the money paid some of the players shown in the photo (all of whom were black), and ordinary "working-class" Americans of all colors.

The inequality was astonishing.

Apparently, many (most?) NFL football players, and many (most?) NBA basketball players are paid much, much more than some brain surgeons, or ion propulsion systems engineers, for example.

One of the lower-paid Ravens was shown as having a multi-year contract that provided him with an average salary of close to $700,000 a year. One of the higher-paid Ravens had a multi-year contract that paid him on average almost $6 million per year.

So, yes, there's inequality in America.

But I haven't seen or heard about any brain surgeons or propulsion engineers staging protest demonstrations. Maybe the NFL/NBA athletes should trying emulating them.

Richard Seymour, Catonsville

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